ECG Monitoring


The holter monitor records the electrical activity of every heartbeat on an ECG (short for electrocardiogram) during normal daily activities and through the night. This allows us to continuously record the electrical activity of the heart, and compare it to any symptoms you may experience.

Why is a Holter Monitor Performed?

A Holter monitor provides useful information in a number of situations. It allows us to compare the heart rhythm with your symptoms. It allows us to record important changes in heart rhythm that you may not be aware of, but which might benefit from treatment. It allows us to check on the responses to some drugs, pacemakers or the results of some treatments (e.g ablation procedures).

How is a Holter Monitor Performed?

You will need to allow for 15 minutes plus any waiting time to have a Holter monitor fitted. A cardiac technician will attach 5 small paper electrodes to your chest after gently cleaning the skin with an alcohol wipe. These electrodes are connected by cables to a small, light, battery powered recorder kept in a pouch and clipped to your clothes or in your pocket.

Should I Do Any Special Preperation for a Holter Monitor?

Yes. You cannot take a shower or bath with the monitor on, since it is not waterproof. However, you can wear normal clothes on top of it, and you should perform all your daily activities as usual. You do not need to fast prior to connection. You should record any symptoms you feel while the monitor is attached.

How Do I Find Out What the Holter Monitor Shows?

Our technical staff will analyse the Holter recording, which is then reviewed by the Cardiologist. This may take 1-2 days. The Cardiologist will either arrange a follow up appointment or your results will be faxed directly to your GP.

What Do I Do When the Test is Completed?

You do not need to press anything at the completion of the test, just simply remove the electrodes from your chest (be careful not to pull on the wires too hard). Throw the electrodes and sticky tape in the bin. Place the monitor and the wires into the yellow envelope supplied with your diary sheet.

Additional Information

It is your responsibility for the return and care of this medical device while in your care. Please return to GC Heart & Specialist Centre, 249 Central street,Arundel 4214 and hand into reception. If any damage occurs or the device is not returned you may be liable for all costs.