A blood pressure monitor records your blood pressure at intervals throughout the day and night.


You may consider wearing a loose fitting shirt or top. You may go about your usual activities, including attending work. You will not be able to shower or bathe until the monitor is removed the following day.


The monitor itself is a small box approximately 10x7x3cm in dimension. The monitor is worn on a belt around your waist and there will be a tube connecting the box to a cuff which is worn on your least dominant arm.

The monitor automatically inflates every 20 minutes until 10pm, then every hour until 6am the following day and then again every 20 minutes until the monitor is removed.

When the cuff begins to inflate you are required to keep your arm relaxed and still down by your side until the cuff deflates. The cuff will feel very tight as the pressure rises. During the recording you will need to list the time that the cuff inflates and your activity at that time.


Results will not be available at the time you return the monitor. Data will need to be downloaded and once this data is reported by the cardiologist the results will be forwarded to your referring doctor.

Please allow 7 working days before making an appointment with your doctor or notify the technician if you have an appointment within the 7 days.

Returning the Monitor

You can disconnect the monitor yourself. The technician will demonstrate how to do so at the time the monitor is fitted. The monitor and diary sheet will need to be placed in the envelope provided.

The technician will also specify what time the monitor needs to be returned and where. It is important to return the monitor at this time as the data must be downloaded and the monitor prepared for the next patient.